Winter dawn, fog and mystery,

Somewhere it is busy time and

Somewhere it is sleeping time,

I am standing awake,

On the side of a bypass road.

Nearby to a village, where

Dwellers are in deep slumber,

Delicately balanced and unperturbed.

They need no necessity to apologize

To God or to the state, because

Beautiful night is silent on sound sleep,

Uninterrupted flood lights and heavily loaded

Trucks are on the road, always running

To carry essential commodities, usually moving

Wheels and engine make echo inside.

I, mesmerized, taking me as myth, and it is me.

I was involved in loving one youngster, and

I tried to help him as care taker for the time being,

So as to looking into matters, in absence of parents,

Of supervising his playing capability,

And I have to stay in the village, and

At dawn, I woke up and stood alone there.

Some learning would come, and I have evaluated

The moment of my performance,

As I have submitted a paper of assessment

On the performance of the little one,

To his parents who would approve or disapprove

Quality of my supervising retrospect.

And I have learnt everything of parents’ judgement,

It was that I did not know the technique,

As I loved my own benefit for money, and

I spoilt their ambition, leaping into hypothesis,

That did not work in practice and

I spent time to live with their hope

For attaining of superiority,

I have made only torque of my desires,

Not benefitting to their little one,

As they did not take me as a party of favorite,

Irony of fate,

And I have to leave this place and to walk away

For another destination for good,

Losing my honor for investing time with them,

Morning is coming and I have to forget

The moment of smiling of that little one

Who once broke silence with his bursting laughter.



If you want to forget your lady-love

You have to build hatred on her,

That is also a love of an oppressed heart,

That you are carrying so long since parting,

It is like to pull the button up

Whose wires are hiding in deep in heart,

That has so long changed your way

For love, with love and of the love,

And your lady-love is in the most love sequence

In heart and mind, body assembly

Is encoded into performance of seeds,

Battle for love is another love,

That is another source of warfare,

And dear friends you have to come out

From all the memories that you share so long,

Because the genetic manipulation will work.

If you do not mend your life pattern now,

You have to live in loneliness,

As life is multitude of vouchers of love,

And thus you are born, and you are

In the same sequence that is in motions,

And in pattern of excellence,

You are dipping in your solitude,

Because if you bow down to the memories,

You will perish your heart to another

Mollified screen you never thought about.


Like scientists, you have to dissect classical love

Into a possible love pattern on a changed pathway,

Where coding and de-coding of experiments

Will act in the way of your life and on its range of lights,

That may lead you think of bright dream,

And about the existences you are acquainted with,

And this will bind you in a network

That will lead you to live in your own assets of love

In the rest of your life span.

Heavenly bliss of love is thus giving a path to mend and follow.


When I wait for her in the window,
I float in breathless moment of love tour,
and I live in two regions —
one the long distance and the other
fairest star’s mercy appearance —
all are my rude forbearance to measure,
yet I wait for her, she is in my love,
and I love to move in thunder loss of pains
as I am born to breathe in rainy rhythm.

Have you heard a wonder heart lost?
She is born for a logical way of love,
hundred years ago or some time now,
that happens always to anyone on this earth,
making every one fit to the love to the fairest way,
and I am different one in the firmament
as I am not fit to any woman’s love, I feel now,
and I am in no panel of suitable crown,
and thus I live in this world, and the earth is vacant.


I have faced a question on worship of idol of Devi Durga, in that,

-“The sculpture is powerful by self or it

Represents the God or Goddess. I am trying to search its meaning.”

I think it has the mathematics in all idol worships of love,

And Gods and Goddesses, in any form, are to war against

Crookedness, falsehood and deceitfulness,

And praying to one universal knower, for our loving existence,

And for our peace, prosperity, hope, food, moving to eternity of love.

Just know each substance, each dimension,

Each wisdom, each gift of human imagination,

Each sublime scene, each form and content,

Either they are one-dimensional or many dimensional,

Of our physical objects—all are the nature’s sacred love,

All are its creations, human bindings, and a sanguine field

Of love, and we make an image of it, it is a product,

It is like a creation of a point or a cluster of points

Called straight line drawn on a white paper of our mind’s sovereignty.

I can worship a point,

I can worship a cluster of points called straight line,

I can worship two perpendicular straight lines,

I can worship three perpendicular straight lines, meeting at a point,

Called origin, no two of which straight lines are congruent,

I can put morphology of cells, as carrier of our prayers

Towards our God or Goddess, the universal protector and creator,

Like universal domain of abstract algebra, with theorems,

Like six dimensional diamond forms of solid geometry,

I can put spaces between cells to transport water and food,

I can put DNA-RANA cellular structures to my worship forms.

There may be elucidations or central dogma in our beliefs or faiths,

These two characters are also present in DNA-RNA behavior Patterns those are our search to moderate regular gene expression in Biology, and I can take any media as my worship prayers.

And I can generate only hope.

I think that idol Devi Durga, the great mother, like mother earth’s

Configuration, is a six dimensional object, founded on spiritually,

Conceptually, having ideology and mythological views, that can be

Propagated in mature channels of future love and peace in this World.

And the six dimension of this idea is itself a quality, social

And individual fabric of mind to appear before eyes, when we see

Her with reverence in her pious alter.

I am aspiring still with many, many energy creations in our

Imaginations, with my virtuous deeds, and try to know the cellular Competence, and signaling to our knowledge, and try to feel the

Rhythms of aspiration and respiration of life and its beauty with all

Existences of life forms.

For long I like to pray in the realm of worship of Devi Durga.