“Everything is lie.” was the soft voice in response.


Loss of birth or loss of funeral is not decoded.


What to work and what to eat are pre-loaded

By the congregation where God like representatives spread

Sermons with allocation of food and drink,

Either it may be curse rice, alcohol or pure water.


Every time no one knows the brand name behind,

Every time no one knows what origin it is losing.


Something there is hidden, outside preview of camera.

And as an accident occurs, representatives in congregation

Announces in publicity, “God forgive them.”


Everyone gets weird. Either collapse of construction,

Frost bite or snake bite is placed like volatile syndrome in air

With least resistance to be offered, filled with whispers,

“Everything is lie. Mistake is also a lie. Stress is for us.

We are to be sober at every loss. Obeying is our words.”



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