The boy usually begins the day with bow and arrow,

He wants to play with these in joyful clarity,

His plying in not in the way what we think about it.

He smiles with playing laugh with swinging of arrow,

Heading towards any directions of its own,

As the boy wants to know the way the arrow travels,

Any aberration is his enjoyment with love and quest,

If the arrow is not in direction of target and it is spoilt,

He enjoys it and to him it does not cut a pinch of salt,

Discovering with love, even at failure, is his curiosity,

And by hitting a target, he smiles and enjoys creativity,

And runs to pick the arrow from where it strikes the sea,

The little one does not seek manager’s assistance,

If help comes on his way, he takes is as playful role,

And he things it to come from his loved one,

Giving him candy hearts and he feels secured in love,

That gives this Valentine’s Day to me to celebrate with him.