The religious place turns to be a cultural orchard,

People gather there, having played year after year,

Every one accepts it as one country over songs and feelings.

Photograph taken of a section of people visiting this threadbare.


Men, women, children come here to fill the heart with openness

Abundance of luminous self, in volition of wonderful songs,

And each one exchanging sacred meditation with soul, enjoying

Inner deeds and feelings, not craving other one’s wealth.


And after returning from that moment, old women do merge

With future of her action, binding with no claim of fortune,

Come the time to tell surrounding people about life and feeling,

Youngsters to retrieve from those feelings said by grandmothers.


Self-illuminated old hearts just abandon kingdom, throne,

The reign of anxiety cannot voice in the hours of desperateness,

Old men then come to open a window to next generations,

Who, in turn, just learn to earn money, food, to hold salvation.


A city comes for people’s living,

Old man holds living by honoring home,

Old woman holds evaluating existence of home,

Breathing of children holds meaning of loving smiles.


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