Amaze me with autumn’s beauty,
A little while before,
Everything is put into disarray,
Food plates are strewn around,
Slow down everywhere.
Little brown leaves wearing glass-mask,
Opportunity and beauty affected,
It is not life.

Amaze me with autumn’s sincerity,
A little while after,
Background light loses ambiance,
Queue after queue opens painful light,
Silent, a great treatise, without food,
Air in cup of lingering strain,
Whole axis turns biased beforehand.
Coolness prevails, oxidants.

Amaze me with autumn’s forgiveness,
Casting actors are like thunderstorm,
Running water turns toxic,
Soundless actors think of wand,
Miniature performers stand on stage,
Silicon valley is now synaptic driveway,
Pessimism gets robotic trends,
Not passing through forgiveness test.