Life does not need sanction,
Every walking passes over bridges,
We perform in one concord,
Footsteps are like sounds of rainfall.

We come to work for pictures,
Searching every corner for future,
Divergent peers call for wining rays,
Our eyes are catching filming objects.

We run with caller tunes for hope,
For that we use smart phones,
To have sect of wining mirage,
We make truce with it for real.

Every bridge has many shapes,
We walk for gaining at every step,
We train our bids for getting real,
With no haze, and bridges to prevail.




This airplane has a special day
It is not worried about June sky
For it does not need to come down
Closely to ground to avoid raining sky.

The spongy cloud relates to relief
From anxiety, to feel warmth of life
Passengers know they are in joy
To have their work peacefully priced.

Moving in a plane shares anything
That may happen letting them die
Yet they know they are safe
With their best efforts to reside.

They never leave for anxiety
Every moment they do retrieve
Embracing danger in touring stride
The bond that exists in life
On the way of sovereign pursuit.