That time his father arrives,

the child quickly sits in a sofa.

Little eyes glare at the father;

mother takes weedy smile.

Elderly heavy voice just breaks in,

-“Don’t do it, go to bed.”

The child looks into the air,

Rattles the wind, tears in little eyes,

Mother is silent, as if

she wants something behind underscore.

So that she has not to bear

the child’s playing campaign.


Father forgets to play with

the child after returning home.

Before understanding the fault,

the child goes to bed, crying.



TWO POEMS published in poetry anthology, THE ENCHANTED WORLD



Two poems – Grandmother and Grandson & When Rain Loses Coolness published in the poetry Anthology

THE ENCHANTED WORLD edited by P.Gopichand and P.Nagasuseela published during International Poetry 

Fest 2013 held at Guntur, AP, India 





Here are two poems,

They took my poems,

And published them.

It is happiness

I share with you,

I fill my poems with

Feeling of life and love.