Pain in thy eyes,

O how you bear it,

On surgery to remove kidney-stone,

And life changes with tough bounces and storms,

Unwanted laparoscopic drills

That now makes thee suffer

All the way, thy travel is helpless,

For cure and relief from ailments

The stern surgery declared to be fit for —

Love and hope to take thee in wellness of life.





With bitterness the grandmother sits on a hospital bed

Propped up on a defending life’s wall,

First surgery to remove kidney-stone,

To survive, gladly accepting pains of life.


She is behind all thrills of longing

And haunting for home with her shoulders

Laid for everyone who is in relation to her,

Now she is sick with stones in kidney and in gall bladder.


Now she is in painful gestures, thinking of the little one,

Her grandson, and remember how and why he puts his presence.

All her efforts and contributions in the family,

Hardly survey her pains, and she is bleeding at comfortless living.


Sitting upon hospital bed, she is in pains, and

Still remembers his small moves and smiling wonder the earth,

How those moments peer through her time of recovering,

Her little grandson gives birth to great hope to keep moving on.