My dreams ordered to be contempt by own persons,

It is as if light is put off before it is lightened,

Flower blooms, and its spreading is thwarted

Before it gets fully grown, over life and speculation,

The vision of them acts like answering machine,

That only talks of recorded songs, again and again.


When the machine becomes out of order,

My close persons disagree with me, saying that

Replacement is not right to choose, but it is right,

They say, to repair the dead one, an outdated device,

And they declare me as a patient, not right

To have sense and have no monitoring devise


Like moonlight reflecting surface, to let dream

Act in right direction of others, who are declared

To fulfill my desire, staying on the sunrays’ protection,

No longer can I press them to do right job to feel me,

They stay in veiled intimacy, and I feel recorded voice

Does not know dream is mother of living.





Every day this world wakes with morning,

Sleeps with evening, life just borrowing

Spells of activity, from singing of birds,

Energy from the sun, the animals in tirades

Of our significant search to know and

Use them for our benefit and all pearls

Those are white selection of our dear ones,

And dream of our life has some barrenness

As harvesting is not all time business,

As we prefer for the attainment,

When dear ones are for performance

Shaky shoulders with orange eyes,

Slim hands giving feeling of purple innocence.


We have rooms, we have skin,

We have perfume, we have Milky Way,

We live with performance, daily movements

Appearing before world zoo with consciousness.


Villagers waiting

For realizing Mother Goddess,

Between human and God


Autumn evening,

Mother Goddess Durga,

Arriving home.


In Cyclone Phailin

Cloud pours incessant rain,

Anxious waiting


Devi Durga, our

Mother Goddess triumphant lord,

Time of celebration.


Goddess of autumn,

Women folk are greeting,

Blowing of conches.


Whistling sound

Creating musing weather

Blowing through tongue


Of women folk

Resting on long journey

Gets relief of pains


Idol Goddess Durga

Village temple in connection

With divine feeling.