The walk of life with wave of events

To live, to share, with humble visions

Those are eye’s light, number of eyes’ blink

Combines how far you can see in the sky,

And moving on the path of sunrays’ layers,

You want to speak about ascends and

Descents you have performed

From your first appearance to last walking,

And all are these your own beauty

To share, to form virtue that you are real

All are designed to deal with life for destiny.





Every day

I have to swallow my dreams,

Through my age,

Every moment, I think of

Sorrow passage of my life.



At night

I cannot sleep in dreamless bed,

Making me clown

To age of first moving round,

I will slip, if I sleep at night.



Each night,

I feel bored, loss of dreams,

I do not wonder

If I am lost in deep hedges

Of alien planet’s virus post.




Ripple everything we do possess in this world


Things are worthy, everything explains itself,


The way it comes, what stories of hope would be,


Inside display, everyone realizes explanations.




Sum of subjects, always in observation in sense,


Goes with purpose, with simple strokes of pain,


Singing with dramatic pathway, angels do come,


For sweetness, throwing away demons other way.




Patience is all, every move holds two shadows,


One for our thinking, other one for observing,


Criterion of comparing things with imagined one


Creates one object for all sources of loving reasons,




Grievance and jealousy, getting released with interest,


Repeated appearance, then disappearance,  


And all modern etiquette makes new brands


For living in new proclamation of hope we begin to.