When old men or women do wait for another shooting in life,

When life begins for a search for dwelling in peace,

Old age comes to a country where no arm laid

Short way to home, they know the way closed around.


When sensual melodies move around diet, medicines,

Young men and women do live with kids and vacation,

Old ones try to hold eyes and lights of young mind,

And road is slick in hands of the young and the singing.


When the nature takes path of escalation for the young

Old ones do keep drawing attention to the children

Who are on controls of the young, breathing with desire,

And old ones has no time to be energetic with awaking


That life gives a free passage to the young

And old ones are free to get understanding alone on time

That knows the passage for old ones’ natural passing,

None has time to think about old ones’ past magnificence.




With love,  you would stand to go right,

Gently you pass through life, with signs of God’s blessings ,

You cannot curb your feeling, you cannot wear veiled harm,

You are always around persons, mirror,


Just motivation, around persons, you feel it like thine,

the love hastens everything you love, proclaim,

That makes the universe worth of you,

Everyone loves to go shortened alongside.


We love, because we want to go beyond,

Safty appears as life and love go in length as one.