Like pattern of organically inflow of blood groups

To form a new life, leaving behind parental acceptor and donor sublime,

We are moving in the bottom of the love

To sink into sea-life, a process known as fission,

Strangeness in budding seeds and flowers,

A vesicles’ journey between formation and transition,

Of many modes of life, light, flow of tides, briefly described,

When we are in love pursuits that we like to live in enzymes,

Changes are there since we take birth to fill the earth

In venerable delight, as accepted disciples of God and Life. 


9 responses to “GOD, LIFE AND LOVE

  1. Asim, the beauty of your poem and its message is like an abundant river flowing through a fertile valley spreading and sharing its gift of life! We have the same spiritual DNA my brother may God continue to shower His blessings upon you. I really enjoyed your poem! besides http://atasteofbliss.blogspot.com/, i am also at http://foreverpoetic.wordpress.com/.

  2. I have nominated you for the Inspirational Blogger Award – Congratulations!
    Please go to the link for the rules .

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