I cannot be her brave lover,
as her captive is elsewhere,
I know it, and I do my duty,
I leave no things undone,
even I say I do not leave her,
even if she is taken away by her lover,
as this is the chat box
I will sit here alone
and talk with her alone,
the most tragic is that,
she does not come in my chat box
to tell me “Hi, how are you?” , and
she never says, “I am well,
cool yourself, I am in more love
to my age, I admire you.”
I know my life is short, dear,
I do not want to hurt you,
because I have passed
the age of youth time
when I would be jealous of your lover,
and instead I will take you and him
as my friends in my great compassion.

But I cannot tell her
I cannot be her heartache,
She does not have heart counseling
to say only, “Let us be only friends.”

On our first meeting,
my lost woman said in tears,
“After a great heartache,
I find you, and I have no wish to leave you.”


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