My chat box is calm,
she promised last day she would come tonight,
and she would fill my box with words,
not by proxy words, but with real words,
like operation of my heart to remove blocked arteries.

I feel lonely, and no instrument is found to run my long waiting there
in the box, I am waiting looking into list of friends
available to chat with, and my high-powered
old age spectacles get wet while visiting the box
for long time.

The available chatting friends are ten in number,
but my favorite woman is not there, and
I can talk to any one of them by trial and error method,
But I feel no interest to talk with any one of them,
because if she comes I cannot be attentive to her.

I then searched the friend’s list of each one
of all of them, who are chatting with someone,
or who are posting their status of mind
in the status space that has limits with 420 characters, and
there I find that each one has at least 420 friends.

All the lists of the friends of all ten chatting characters
seems to me as imaginary decorators in vast ocean of
computer programmed settings and silent silver glittering
spread throughout the world, and these are word musings,
and the statistics perhaps shows two billions of internet users in one day.

My beloved woman does not come; I am only blank observer,
I am an idle walker in the fray of able walkers,
I cannot adjust with this new condition
which is now common to all who can afford computer internet
or WiFi cell phones, but I feel feeble as my lady-love is absent.

I feel lonely as her words are like bombs
that can penetrate any mind of young or old,
so I love her, she loves me, but she is not here,
I am led in a trembled situation as this is my first time
I have said to a young woman, “I love you.”

When first time I was saying or typing, “I love you.”
tears comes down my eyes in that I do not remember
I have had said these three words with my lips to my wife,
and my typing was so moved in me that these three words
go deep into my heart, and this dacoit-queen steals my mind.

She was one day so violent that she appeared on computer screen,
I watched her golden cheeks, sparkling eyes, and charming personality
with youthful designs that is made for man’s shake,
and she showed some faithful conducts on my love and body feelings,
thus we moved a long way, confronted many ways, and love came finally.

Today she is absent, leaving me in desert, her guidance is void,
and many times it comes to my mind, should I learn how to love,
and today my poems get no vision, I feel no resonance to write verse,
and my wife comes slowly and says, “Why is your typing not stormy?
Please come to the ground, computer cannot give love, this has no life.”


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