This poem is dedicated to Ms. Mary Ann Parker

In her appearance in Facebook,
I see her she is working and busy endlessly always.
My window gets her picture she is sober
and she likes to be hour after hour stayed in searching
illness due to war for medical research papers published
wherein diseases due to war are largely effects
to those who are real participants of war,
and she makes all alerts over warrior survivors’ illness
all over the world, and makes comments on
scientific findings and doctor’s recommendations
of sufferings of illness of war veterans.

-“Why you search effects in war related diseases, Madam.”
I ask her.

-“Yes, I was in Gulf War Desert Storm in 1991.”
She says.

-“Are you sick in that war?” I say.

-“Yes, oil exposures made me very sick.”
She says.

-“O my God, you are suffering from war effects.”
I say.

-“Yes, yes I have been battling Gulf war illness for 20 years along with other chronic illnesses caused by the vaccines, burning oil well smoke, chemical gas exposures…” She says.

-“What is its effects on you?” I say.

-“Well, one of the problems I had after the war was severe stomach trouble and I cannot go out in public with my boy friend. I used to have diarrhea so bad I cannot go anywhere, cannot get to work, shop or nothing for a few years. It was horrible.” She says.

-“Then what are you doing now?” I say.

-“I am writing a memoir about my experience in Desert Storm.”
She says.

-“What is the title?” I say.

-“The title of my book is: 20 Years of Living with Gulf War Illness. How do you like the title?” She says.

-“Yes, title is good one. Have you got a publisher?” I say.

-“I am trying to get a major publisher.” She says.

-“Good, I want to buy one. When published, give me book seller’s name address.” I say.

-“Yes, I will give you the book seller’s address. I am going to tell the real story of war veterans. The public has no idea what really goes on.” She says.

-“Good. Thank you.” I say.

You are the war veteran of Gulf War, 1991.
You are the language that screams the war burns.
You are disabled by the vaccines, burning oil well smoke,
and Chemical gas exposures.
You are the victim of the revenge of warring headstones.
Your memoir will signal out warning against war.
We read it, but do not learn to phase out war syndromes
from our loving earth’s peace triumphs.



  1. This takes a special inner strength to do this after all she’s been through. I hope she gets that publisher.

  2. I pray that Mary Ann attains a good publisher for her Memoir. I wish her well in all her endeavors!

  3. What you need, you will find. I know it. Take care. Don’t ever give up, don’t ever give in.

  4. Please DO publish the atrocities of Gulf War Illness… my mate is ill too… and we’d both like to read your book…. publisher:

  5. golf war illness, am I right?

    sorry to hear that, bless you, hope that you find cure soon.

    at times, meditations, vacations, a shift of attentions are needed to improve your way of thinking and feeling it.

  6. I plan to buy your book soon. I was in Panama but did not go to the Gulf. I pray you have found some comfort in spite of everything.-Army Vet

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