My lover in the present age
is free from all bindings from me,
she gives me youth and mind’s delight
by the words typed on the keyboard
to feel the touch body and mind
in holy love light,
the warmth of sunny morn bright.

She was once my lover
to feel me fresh and sweet,
met me in the garden of love
where heaviest of sucking of lips
had not removed us from love habits.

Then one day when I am raising
the sense of love from her long covered
garments to find a treasure
to feel an extreme pleasure
one more younger stranger comes near
and holds her hands before I touch her
she immediately said me, ”Forget me.”

To my utter surprise,
I become fading and turn white skinned
as if no blood I have in my arteries,
her tender voice strikes my brain,
“Forgive me.” and in the jolt
I hear no words of regret in her voice.

How beautiful she hovers in my mind till now,
I am shocked as I am not accustomed
to the terror present age errors,
love is somewhat instant episodes
to live with memories on the shore,
I have to leave love and its habit of romance
to live on a blank page of love resort.

What I wished to have love from her before
turns now harder to tear up lover’s love, only tears.


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