Just passing an age of maturity, I am writing this poem
with my searching of love with a woman living far away,
on a land where I never can go to conquer her.
She only says, “I am poor, I have no internet link,
I cannot talk with you in Facebook in time.”
I am passing on a crucial life winter
that cannot bring me news for my love
and its acceptability, at my age of dying lay.

When she comes first I do not resist me
and I love her, more than what I can express here,
I do not think how to prepare for love or not to love
with zoom lenses, and consider whether I am fit
for her young love, and I lean
to her beautiful hands, with kisses and greets,
then I have no thinking whether this young woman
may have a link to be somebody’s darling.

Then I cannot litter my love objects,
I cannot think, my time is out of joint venture,
and now I link myself with her rosy cheeks
and touch every curve on her body
and move like a dream of love designed.

I never think of jolting with nothingness in beauty,
I never analysis of protests she may have within,
I never think of the pulse of the reality in her,
I never think of the escapes that may occur,
I never think of the backlash of wrong love.

I become astonished how this poor and beautiful woman
has a good sense of loving me, and her using of words
which is so powerful that she can love the world
and I think about her strenuous job of being poor,
yet she is romantic to me on all ways
and shows a long-lasting devotion upon me
and she can live here with love and sing for love.

Yes, she is an expert woman with kisses
she is an expert in making love poses
she is an expert in painting on mind’s mists
and once she said, “As we two are in poverty,
our love is mare love, one of us should work
for our love’s materialization We both need peace.
our life is short, do something now, Asim,
otherwise sorrow will be long-standing wraith.”

I am passing through questions
Is there a life before my death?
This I have to look into
how far I am competent and coherent
with this new age love,
But I do not resist embracing her in deep love-making.


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