The more a woman strives for better one for a poet’s search
the more she is love-stormed, and the land perhaps is built elsewhere.

I will be happy if your new man takes you away as his wife, you want him as husband of your choice, who cares you, loves you, adores you, and protects you.

This comes in my mind, because some questions you put me, I get no
time to think about it or have any competence to advice you in the matter, so I remain silent or I am flown down on talking waves. The string of my thought is not sharp to contend you, and as a friend I am here, and will remain here too.

Breeze, Breeze may take thou to a better sky
that doth give thou peace and love high
as benefits keep thou sing in husband’s eyes.
May God bless thou with all spring time and pretty ties,

Please inform me you are in good health with flowering mind
wherever you are residing upon this earth with your crown-love-win.



My distant lady has lost her cell phone
and also her wallet, yet she does not appeal
for replacement, but she does blame herself,
and said, “I should have rather been more careful,
but my mind is so preoccupied with you that
I search a ripe time to sit on the chat box for you.”
I tried to hold her in my strong arms,
but she is away at distance, only I say, “Dear Love,
A throne is in my mind for you, and in its space
I take you as queen, not thinking age and lore,
and it is not a chat box, nor hoaxes of mists or non mists.”
Then she typed some words on the chat box
and all spellings are wrong and one word is correct
that I read is love, and moment after she types,
“So I am cool, and engage in work for extra money.
I do not burden anyone, I will compensate my loss
on my own, so I take a hard work that only men can do,
as I am uneducated to earn by white color job”

When she becomes wife, she does complain
when she losses one thing, blaming me not careful to her
and I have to exercise my endeavor to get it back
in order to hasty decision, to buy the lost item or search out it,
more tolerably with her choice and design of sentiment,
I cannot make her understand, I am at your call distance
and I can do it very moment the lost name is detected wound.

I do not know what it is inward and compelling,
when love detects some unnoticed traces in world of love destination.


O my single lover, you are the best friend.
You feel no serious prompts, when you sit with me,
as if a pious heavenly craft stays in café scene
and you are the listener of what I am saying
our table is not full of beer, but full of words
and you are confined to the air engulfed
between love and talks of both fumes of our roots,
when we both try to look at the blues
with warmth and sharp dissolving desires
you take care of niceties, saying:
“I will make you happy, even if I am in sorrow.”

We are not husband and wife, you are living a far
I am here thousands miles away from your eyes
yet here is chat box, one table, one June birth time,
here June is transition time from summer to rainy season
and gradually we drift by our soul inspiring divine
where you look praiseworthy serene, I praise it,
immediately you grant some concessions with hugs
and I feel pleasant in the natural grace, a leaf inside
to charming of your eyes while I do mingle
with motions of love and systematic renewal of love.

I only then said to her, “I love you, let June come,
I will take you there, you, your daughter and son
to a land where we four will found our destiny.

She smiled, but her lips keep quivering for a while.


Not it is one, who awakes up for your love,
yes it is you who awake up for your love.
If you are not on the floor of love making
and take bath in the wind of fortune love
you will be looser of your love, none other
may come to you to rescue you from abysmal sink
where you are no one but a paranoid bundle
of errors, your shoulders are then just stones
to feel the love, as it is not left for other one
to touch and make love in raising the joy of love.

You have to open your eyes,
you have not to take any waste of time
to receive the gift of love, as time is short
and tiltable episode of other one resides
to fill up the gap, and you are the looser then,
and you will be in despair, although there is
no despair till love is alive in the rule of the earth,
then be mindful always to receive the gift
either sent from a distant someone or from near one
and you receive it in time, otherwise earthly things
will let you stay in blank,
to the brim of loss, surely no gain.

Love and its gifts will come unexpectedly from source
where you are none other than muse of love
where you are sole participant and recipient of the love
you are the looser of your folly,
and healing touch will disappear.


My wife, Swapna, goes, and I find no alarm words,
-“Asim, what are you doing here late night?”
and I have a reply,
-” I am water and so flowing down.”
and she hurridly replied,
-“Wait, I am coming soon, Jannu.”
The inquirer is beautiful,
now she is at work at mother’s house.
It matters me,
because creators of love make me to love
the charmed woman who resides me daily,
now at her work.
She thinks I am her King,
I think to pursue her to become mine
It seems my wife flees from me,
I know she has gone her mother’s house.
But she does not say over phone
“Don’t dictate me.”
She is now silent, and does not feel horny
saying, “Asim, do you know what I am doing?
My sari falling from my shoulders.”
I do not know when she will ring me,
or returns home and says, “Just kiss me.”

An Ode to Single Moms

By the rude behavior that you feel
to be away from marriage bondage, or otherwise,
to hold the flag off your sovereignty, you, the moms,
unfurl a destination to live alone with children
and stand firm to embattle the live with better choice
with the excellence they will produce they are firm
to build one particular world where their eyes
cannot treat as blank, but full of honor and
the black eyes balls will be adored to love
and these moms will be treated as best beauty,
best motherly performer in parenting children
and you are not running from spousal errors,
but do make your life in yielded whole of moms’
territory of motherhood and womanhood, alike.

And one day, there will come a complete recognition
when these single moms will show the light of green tint
and spark with social status through sense of humor.
And their lives become same status and to the same degree
like children’s motion to greater realization
that every one adores and mingles within, state performers
do make driving fast for those who are in single moms’ storm.